Choosing and Rewarding Managers

  • Did you choose people for managerial roles because they were the type of people who could get their fulfillment and satisfaction out of helping other people shine rather than having the ego-need to shine themselves?
  • Did you select them because they had a prior history of being able to give a critique to someone in such a way that the other person says: “Wow,

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6 Questions CEOs Need to Ask Their HR Leaders

  1. Which segments of the workforce create the value for which we are most rewarded in the marketplace?
  2. Which areas of our business will be most impacted by impending waves of retirement? What are we doing to prepare successors? What impact will anticipated retirement have on the skills and productivity necessary to meet future demand?
  3. In what areas is the talent market heating up (i.e., demand

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10 Questions to Consider BEFORE You Select Your New Manager

  • How will they fit into the environment?
  • How well will they develop and treat the employees?
  • How much do they really want to be responsible for getting things done through others?
  • How well will they build relationships with customers and other business partners?
  • How will they react under stress and when things get the most difficult?
  • How much initiative will they take to assess barriers and make process

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Employee Performance Questions

Executives need to take a fresh look at their businesses and realize that in the parts that are people intensive, capital-based measures may not provide the insights they need. The risks of not understanding employee performance and failing to set up differentiated rewards based on value creation are substantial. Executives can avoid such problems by asking some basic questions:

  • What kinds of business environments are

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Exit Interview Questions

Exit interviews provide insights you can use to keep others from leaving. Here’s what every manager should ask:

  • If the CEO left unexpectedly today and you were put in charge, what are the first things you would change?
  • What could have changed six months ago that would have prevented you from looking for a new job?
  • If you weren’t looking, what factors tipped the scale when an opportunity

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Workplace Diversity Focus Items

These seven questions, taken together, indicate respondents’ perceptions of their workplaces’ diversity focus (WDF), which correlates highly with important workplace attitudes. Employees whose companies have lower WDF scores are less likely to feel satisfied with or loyal to their company — and they’re also less likely to stay with their employer — than employees whose companies have higher WDF scores.

  • I am aware of my company’s

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Inquire Before You Fire

Below is a sampling of the kinds of questions you should ask before you make a final decision to fire an employee.

  1. Does the firing violate discrimination laws or other federal, state or local statutes?
  2. Is the reason for firing in line with company policies and procedures?
  3. Have any assurances, written or oral, been given to the employee about length of employment or job security?
  4. Has the reason for

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Addressing the Implications of an Aging Workforce

  • Workforce planning and workforce analysis: Which employees are eligible for retirement in the next two to five years? Do they possess critical skills? Which jobs and skill sets will be impacted? How will you replace these skills once these employees retire? What are the critical skills for the future that will need to be recruited or developed?
  • Learning management: Do your current training and learning

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