Big Data Collection and Use Questions

Real opportunity exists to create differentiation and set new “community standards in honoring the spirit of personal privacy and property rights while enhancing and protecting the value of a brand and enterprise. Some policy questions to be considered:


  • Do customers understand how our company uses the data gathered from their interactions and transactions?
  • If customers knew the full extent of its use, would they agree to it?
  • Does

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Big Data Public Policy Questions

The potentially all-knowing capabilities of companies and organizations that collect data raise questions.

  • What are an individual´s privacy rights given the particular and dynamic dimensions of the digital world: the amount of data, the real time processing of and actions taken based on the data?
  • Should there be limits as to how data can be collected or used?
  • Who owns the data?
  • Who should benefit from the value it

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Multi-Channel Marketing Questions

In order to serve this channel-savvy, highly mobile, multidevice-happy consumer, chief marketing officers (CMOs) have their work cut out for them. These CMOs need to have an accurate understanding of consumers-their intentions, impressions of products and services and their behavior; to pinpoint exactly which marketing channels-online or offline-are yielding maximum MROI.

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9 Questions to Ask Before Presenting

  1. How does this individual perceive the problem I intend to solve?
  2. What is the pithy summary of my idea that will appeal to this person?
  3. What roles does this person play in the decision-making process?
  4. What is my goal for this encounter?
  5. What is the basis for my credibility

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Segmentation Questions

At the very minimum, a segmentation should answer the following questions in order to be successful:

  • Which consumer segments represent the largest profit pools in our category?
  • What is our share of wallet across segments today?
  • How should we prioritize the various growth opportunities within and across segments?
  • What messages and offerings will command the attention of these consumers?
  • How can we position our brands and sub-brands for

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Questions About SKU Count – Reduce or Not?

  • In your portfolio of brands, which ones are candidates for SKU reduction and which are not? In each case, you must use market analysis to make sure you understand the nature of the category and the motives of the consumer.
  • What drives complexity and costs in your product line? It may be SKU proliferation, and it may be trade deals or manufacturing and logistical

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Product Adoption Questions

Use these six questions to gauge the speed of adoption of your product or service:

  • Does the target perceive that the product/service adds value?
  • Is the product compatible with current practices and processes?
  • Is the product/service easy to understand and use?
  • Can the product/service be sampled and/or trialed?
  • What is the risk factor in buying/using the product? (Tip: lower is better.)
  • Is it easy to communicate the advantages of

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Positioning Questions

  • What business are we in?
  • What market(s) do we serve?
  • What are our customers’ special needs?
  • Who is our competition?
  • What makes us different from our competitors?
  • What benefits do clients derive from our services?
  • How can we get everyone in our company to tell the same story?

A Road Map to Advertising Results
by Jeff Propper

Miscellaneous Marketing Questions

  • How will marketing in cyberspace change your distribution channels and internal business systems, and how rapidly and effectively you can manage those changes?
  • What are all of the ways that one of our customers or potential customers can form an impression of our brand, our company or our products/services?
  • How much does it cost to acquire a new customer?
  • How does your business determine the true

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Marketing Event Planning Questions

The continuum begins with the development of a detailed plan. The plan should answer the following questions: 

  • Who will manage the various aspects of the event?
  • What are its objectives (qualitative and quantitative)?
  • Who is/are the target audience(s)?
  • What is the theme?
  • Which marketing messages do you want the audience(s) to walk away with?
  • In which cities will you hold the event (you will

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Market-Driving Checklist

Market-Driving Mind-Set

  • Does our top management continuously reinforce the need for market-driving ideas?
  • Do we actively seek to cannibalize our own products?
  • Is the pursuit of competing emerging technologies permitted?
  • Are new ideas routinely imported from the outside?
  • Are time and resources allocated for curiosity-driven explorations?

Market-Driving Culture

  • Do we tolerate failures when people are attempting something really new?
  • Are processes in

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Lead Management Questions

  • Is there a consensus from sales and marketing to what a “qualified” lead is?
  • Does Sales complain about (or neglect) the leads it receives?
  • Can you confirm that Sales has followed up with each lead it has received?
  • Is there a process in place for Sales to provide feedback to Marketing?
  • Can you differentiate between what type of leads close the fastest, and for the highest amount of

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Formulating a Marketing Strategy

Here are a few of the questions Susan Hewitt, the founder of Blythe Hewitt Associates in San Francisco, tells her startups they must be prepared to answer when they are formulating a marketing strategy:

  • How far are you along in product development?
  • What’s your category? Is it a new category, or a crowded category?
  • What are your current marketing goals? Introducing the product? Adding the product

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Evaluating a New Distribution Channel

The following six questions are helpful in evaluating the opportunity presented by the new distribution channel:

  • How attractive is the value proposition that the new distribution channel gives our target segments?
  • Is the proportion of our target segment attracted to the new channel large enough to demand our attention?
  • Do we have a differentiated value proposition or an operational advantage in serving customers through

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Discounting Questions

To cultivate discount awareness and discipline, managers should start by asking themselves the following questions:

  • Are discount dollars being invested in the customer segments and product categories that provide the greatest strategic value to the company? For that to be so, discount guidelines for each segment and category need to be established in advance of negotiations.
  • Do discount levels associated with a particular customer segment

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Conversational Marketing

Many companies are not ready for the changes conversational marketing brings. They face three critical issues.

  • What types of dialogues and other customer interactions must be created to support true customer conversations?
  • How can the company determine and implement a conversational style that is aligned with the customer’s needs and based on a cost-effective set of new technologies?
  • Who inside and outside the company

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Advertising and Promotions Questions

  • How large are the differences in our company’s A&P investments, as a percentage of sales, for each brand, market segment, and region or country?
  • Is there a clearly defined strategic rationale for these differences (or for the lack of differences)?
  • Are the differences in intensity and sensitivity of advertising and promotions among the various market segments and countries adequately acknowledged?
  • Are the differences in our competitive

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Pricing Questions

  • Do you know what would happen to your bottom line if you raised (or lowered) prices by 1 percent?
  • Do you know which of your customers are – or are not – price sensitive and why?
  • Where are the pricing leakages occurring in your company?
  • What functions or departments control the final pricing decisions?
  • How could you change your pricing mechanisms to build your advantages?

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