HR Analytics Questions

In thinking about using analytics to power HR decision making, HR executives should ask:

  • Are we using analytics effectively to monitor HR performance and drive improvements?
  • Can we use employee segmentation to deliver increasingly tailored HR services to groups and individuals in the workforce?
  • Are we able to “look ahead” to identify employees who are at risk of leaving, or to predict team and individual performance?
  • Are we using workforce data to provide a clear picture of HR performance to senior management?
  • How can analytics help us be more proactive in planning programs and identifying potential improvements in HR?
  • Do we have an opportunity to expand the universe of data being used in analytics to answer key workforce questions with increased speed and accuracy?
  • Can we use real-time transactional data to create consistent global reports?

Source: The Future of HR-Five Technology Imperatives | Accenture, Oracle

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