What You Should Learn by Conducting Brand Research

  • Why do customers choose you over competing brands?
    Knowing this enables you to focus on the skills that help you make and keep your promise to the customer.
  • Are you competing in the right category?
    To be clear, an example of a category is laptop computers. A brand in that category is Dell. Knowing in which category you compete in the mind of

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Brand Checkup Questions

  • Can everyone define what the brand stands for?
  • Is there consistency in what everyone says the brand stands for?
  • Is there consistency between what insiders and outsiders are saying?
  • Are the words people use to describe what the brand stands for likely to inspire advocacy?
  • Do the things that they say support your brand promise really support it?

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How Strong Is Your Brand?

Do you have a strong brand? Here are some revealing questions that we put our own clients through as we work to understand who they are, and who their customers are, before building a direct marketing strategy.

  • If you masked your logo, would customers be able to tell you from the competition by the experience you, your product or your service creates? Could

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