10 Questions About Growth that Every CEO Should Know How to Answer

  1. What is your TSR aspiration? Is that aspiration appropriate given the expectations embedded in your stock price and the ability of your plans to deliver improved performance?
  2. How much growth do you need in order to deliver on that aspiration? What target revenue-growth rate is required in order to meet your goal given the momentum contribution of other TSR drivers?
  3. Will optimizing growth and margins

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Questions About Capital Investment

Most companies incorporate five basic building blocks into their financial reporting: the two sides (active and passive) of the balance sheet including the asset register, a profit-and-loss statement, an investment plan or budget, and some form of competitive benchmarking. Recently, shareholder-value-management indicators have been added to the list. These six measures answer some basic questions:

  • How much capital do we have, what kind is it,

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