Communications audit

  1. The reason our company exists is to: 
  2. When it comes to communication, my company (department, unit, etc.) is … because …
  3. I receive most of my information from… (my immediate supervisor, the colleagues, bulletin board, the grapevine, other) 
  4. I could do a better job if I received the following information in the following manner:
  5. I would describe the majority of our meetings as:
  6. I would describe communication with

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Are you creating an open communications culture in your organization?

Organizations as well as individuals benefit from regular self-assessment. To assess whether you have the systems and processes in place to create an open communications culture, consider these questions:

  1. Do we have a communications policy to ensure we all understand the importance, accountability and process of communications in our organization?
  2. Do the communications in our organization support our mission, vision and strategy?
  3. Is our head

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