Vision Questions

  • Will it motivate you to join this organization and continue to motivate you once you are there?
  • Does it provide a beacon for guiding the kinds of adaptation and change required for continual growth?
  • Does it describe a future that is more attractive than the present?
  • Will it challenge you?
  • Can it serve as the basis to formulate strategy that can be acted on?

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Mission, Vision and Values

When strategic options and difficult problems arise, leaders ask questions such as:

  • Does this align with our mission?
  • Is this action in line with our vision?
  • Are we adhering to our values?

The Foundation: Mission, Vision and Values
by Paul B. Thornton
CEO Refresher

Mission as an Organizing Principle

  • What is the role of our organizations in responding to the need for meaning?
  • What, if any, is the social contract between an employer and employee?
  • Have we defined the mission of our organizations to include bringing purpose and meaning to those who are fulfilling the mission?
  • How do we measure the effectiveness of our organizations?
  • Can (should) our organizations become moral communities to help shape

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