Morale Questions

Conditions affecting morale are varied and complex. If you are wrestling with this issue you should find guidance by answering these questions:

  • Look at your performance appraisal system. Does it hold people accountable for results that depend on a bigger process than they control?
  • Is everyone in your organization well-trained, informed, and involved?
  • Do reward systems encourage and reinforce high performance?
  • Do you aggressively measure and manage those factors with the highest impact on customers, employees, and production and service processes?
  • Are accounting and management information systems designed to make it easier for customers and those serving customers, or are they designed for the managers only?
  • Similarly, are front-line employees serving their internal and external customers – or just managers?
  • Are you hiring highly self-motivated people?
  • Are supervisors, managers, and executives acting as effective coaches and team leaders?
  • Are people skills and leadership ability key criteria in all promotions?

The most important question of all is – how do you know? Get the people whose motivation and morale you’re concerned about to provide the answers to these questions.

Morale Problem? Look in the Mirror
by Jim Clemmer
The Clemmer Group

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