Ecosystem Questions

Ecosystems and ecosystem thinking are the lens through which you should view important decisions about your value proposition, as well as about how to capture and deliver value. Below are questions you should ask. 

Value Proposition

  • Will ecosystems change where we should compete?
  • What unmet customer needs will be most promising?
  • What new customer segments might we serve?    

Value Capture

  • How can we benefit from value pool shifts?
  • Which costs will drive

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6 Strategy Reset Questions

Reset questions are the six questions a team asks when they are resetting the strategy: 

  1. What is the situation, and how will this change? 
  2. What is success? 
  3. Where will we play? 
  4. How will we win? 
  5. What will stop us? 
  6. What should we do?

Technology and Data Questions

Too many companies suffer from data and technology investments that are siloed by function or business and not clearly connected to the company’s value creation strategy. To go beyond digital, you will need to make a priority of your data and technology strategy and be able to clearly and tangibly demonstrate how it directly enables your company’s place in the world and your plan for … [ Read more ]

One-on-one Meeting Assessment Questions for Managers

In a percentage answer, in your 1:1s, how often do you…    

  1. Schedule 1:1s in advance on a recurring basis?     
  2. Have an agenda for your 1:1s?    
  3. Involve your direct report(s) in the creation of that agenda?    
  4. Review notes from the previous 1:1 before your next 1:1?    
  5. Promptly reschedule canceled 1:1s?    
  6. Start 1:1s positively?    
  7. Show up on time?    
  8. Start with topics provided by your direct report(s)?    
  9. Briefly revisit action items from the previous 1:1?    
  10. Actively listen to

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6 Questions to Evaluate How You Spend Your Time

  1. When did you last review how you allocate your time?
  2. How much time do you spend a week actively reflecting on your strategy and priorities?
  3. Structured versus open: How much of your calendar is unplanned?
  4. Drumbeat versus flow: How much of your calendar doesn’t follow a set routine?
  5. Operator versus counselor: How much time do you spend problem solving with teams (rather than attending business update and review meetings)?
  6. Ambassador

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4 Guiding Questions for an Innovation Culture

BCG has identified four aspects of innovation culture on which companies often focus: what successes you celebrate, how you create, how you lead, and how you team. Importantly, these aspects either add—or destroy—value, depending on how your teams work together. Each aspect, when framed as a question, can help you determine what route to pursue to bolster your company’s innovation culture.

  1. What do you celebrate? What

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10 Key Areas of Transformation: Questions to Ask

Top performers understand that while a company can pursue outstanding holistic performance, it still must develop its reinvention muscles to respond effectively in times of uncertainty. The opposite is also true: an organization can push to reinvent itself, but if it doesn’t deliver financial results, the transformation won’t be sustainable.

After committing to a transformation, the executive team should ask questions in ten categories about the … [ Read more ]

Questions to Ask about Your Customers and Their Buying Behavior

  • How many customers does your firm have? How many customers do you really have?
  • How do these customers differ in terms of their value to the firm? For example, how many one-time buyers did you have last year? How many customers accounted for half of your revenue last year?
  • How many customers who bought your products last year can be expected to buy from you this year?
  • What

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Questions to Help (Re-)Assess a Company’s Performance

Capital markets

  • What has driven our historic shareholder returns over various time horizons?
  • How does our valuation stack up to peers’ today, and why?
  • What are the highest-impact levers to change our valuation (growth, margin improvement rates, etcetera)?


Are we in the right businesses, geographies, sectors, product lines, and customer segments?

How can we strengthen our competitive advantage in these chosen areas?

What are our highest-potential M&A, partnership, and divestment opportunities?


  • What

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