10 Key Areas of Transformation: Questions to Ask

Top performers understand that while a company can pursue outstanding holistic performance, it still must develop its reinvention muscles to respond effectively in times of uncertainty. The opposite is also true: an organization can push to reinvent itself, but if it doesn’t deliver financial results, the transformation won’t be sustainable.

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15 Key Transformation Questions

Bring the Future to Life

  1. Case for Change. Have we convinced the organization that the status quo is unacceptable?
  2. Compelling Intent. Is our story of the future meaningful to our people and securing emotional buy-in at all levels?
  3. Credible Solutions. Are the proposed solutions appealing so the organization, and will they work in our culture?


Inspire Deep Commitment

  1. Aligned Top Team. Do we have the right top team? Is

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Miscellaneous Change Management Questions

  • What are the general behavioral implications of this change, for us and for staff?
  • What specific behavioral changes must leadership make to convince staff of our sincerity?
  • How will we ensure (not guess, hope, or assume) lower-level managers will make the behavioral transition?

Easing Fear of New Technology
by Tom Penderghast, DBA
Graziadio Business Report, Fall 1998

Checklist for Technological Change

Following are some questions that may help you focus on areas that may still need to be addressed if you are planning some technological change.

  • Are there any formal and/or informal norms that the planned technological change will impact?
  • How much does your planned technological change build on the existing values and procedures used in your organization?
  • Can you identify the positions or individuals that are

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