Questions for Creating a Differentiated Offering

Is your company reaching “full potential” value for its customers? Answer yes or no to the following six questions:

  1. We make it easy for prospective customers to find us and understand our products and services.
  2. We have the capability to offer expertise, tools, and other assistance to help customers determine their criteria for a good solution and which solutions best fit their situation.
  3. We offer various approaches for

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Defining the Future Talent Agenda

  • What leadership competencies/attributes are required to drive our business strategy and lead the evolution of the culture? How robust is our existing leadership pipeline, and where are there risks?
  • What are the pivotal job families/roles most critical to executing our business strategy? How will we differentiate talent strategies/investments accordingly?
  • What are the implications for

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Crisis Preparedness Questions

  • How would the key decision-makers be placed in communication with each other quickly so they could be informed and make a joint decision? What is their advance standard of how fast they would commit to making a decision? Would all of them be involved in the decisions related to financial commitments involved in decision-making? If not, who would be?
  • Who inside and outside your

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Business Continuity Questions

Before getting started with a business-continuity plan, CIOs should ask some strategic questions: