8 Questions to Align CEO and Board

The Harvard Business Review pulled together a list of questions that CEOs and boards can ask each other to try to bring their mutual goals more in line with each other.

  1. Where should we place our primary focus – shareholders, stakeholders or society at large?
  2. What is long-term shareholder value really about and how is it created?
  3. Can we influence who our shareholders are?
  4. What is our responsibility

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Executive Compensation Diagnostic

  • Is your strategy clear?
  • Can it be translated into action?
  • Is it measurable?
  • Does it have the potential to transform your business?
  • Do you measure the true drivers of value in your business?
  • Do you link your executive compensation to what drives value – key strategic and financial measures as well as relative share price?
  • Are your executives motivated to create a dramatic upside for shareholders?
  • Is there

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10 Questions Every Board Member Should Ask

Ram Charan and Julie Schlosser recommend the best questions every board member and shareholder should ask to get to the heart of what they should know about a company. Ten disarmingly simple questions. “so simple in fact, that we often forget to – or are embarrassed to – ask them.”

  1. How does the company make money?
  2. Are our customers paying up?
  3. What could really hurt

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