A.T. Kearney Offshoring Questions

  • Is there a right-size function or process to move offshore? Are 10 employees too few to move? Are 100 employees too many?
  • How are functions delineated? Are they portrayed by technology, business process or organization chart?
  • How will complexity and risk affect offshore decisions?
  • What are the issues to consider in terms of systems interconnectivity?
  • What is the lifecycle of the function that is moving

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11 Questions to Ask Vendors

The following are general questions that can be a starting point for an assessment of a potential vendor.

  • Does the vendor have a published privacy policy and does it limit data sharing?
  • How adequate are the vendor’s physical and electronic controls over data? Proof of controls would include self-certification such as a SAS 70 review or other independent checking.
  • Does the vendor have

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4 Key Questions in the Relationship Compass

  1. How Deep Should the Relationship Be?
    • What is the strategic importance of this process now and in the future?
    • How complex is this process?
    • How much change do you anticipate in this process over the life of the contract?
    • How interdependent is this process with other processes in the firm?
  2. How Broad Should the Relationship Be?
    • Is the value in this process created through specialized expertise or through technology and repeatable

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