24/7 Innovation Diagnostic: PERFORMANCE

Measures and Incentives

  • Are stretch targets used to create a challenge?
  • Are performance-based incentives and team measures used?
  • Do the measures focus on outcomes rather than tasks?
  • Are “fear based” incentives avoided?
  • Are performance targets defined concurrently, or in advance of the business design?
  • Are measures “balanced?”
  • Are measures holistic? Has their impact on other measures been taken into account?

24/7 Innovation Diagnostic
24/7 Innovation

24/7 Innovation Diagnostic: STRATEGY

Strategic alignment

  • Are all initiatives aligned to the overall strategy?
  • Are all stakeholders considered when defining the strategy (stakeholder wants & needs)?


  • Are capabilities targeted that create the greatest stakeholder value and represent the greatest opportunity for improvement?
  • Is the most valuable work converted into knowledge work?
  • Is a holistic view maintained?
  • Is the organization’s capacity to change considered?

24/7 Innovation Diagnostic
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24/7 Innovation Diagnostic: PROCESSES

Flexible Processes

  • Are the 7Rs used to define innovative processes?
  • Are illogical solutions considered?
  • Are overly prescriptive processes avoided?
  • Does the organization have processes/procedures for protecting intellectual property?
  • Is technology used to enable innovation rather than prescribe procedures?

Eliminate administration

  • Are knowledge workers freed to focus on value adding activities rather than administration?
  • Is the effective use of critical resources optimized?

Focus Outside In

  • Is the organization

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24/7 Innovation Diagnostic: ORGANIZATION

Collect and connect dots

  • Is knowledge and skills building encouraged?
  • Are people encouraged to explore new disciplines?
  • Do individuals collect and combine ideas?
  • Are individuals encouraged to look at work through various filters?
  • Does the organization collect, combine, disseminate, and reward best ideas?
  • Are individuals encouraged to challenge norms?
  • Is a standard process used for innovation (diverge then converge)?
  • Are centers of excellence used to build broad-based expertise?

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24/7 Innovation Diagnostic: COMPETENCY (The Inner Innovator)


  • Are underlying assumptions/rules surfaced and challenged?
  • Is the organization prepared to break with tradition?
  • Are the root causes of problems identified and addressed?


  • Are individuals and teams encourages to apply different “filters” to the daily activities?
  • Are individuals encouraged to try new things?
  • Is “yes, and” used rather than “yeah, but”?
  • Do you “think in opposites”?
  • Do you consider “the worst ideas”?
  • Do you consider “illogical combinations”?
  • Do you

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24/7 Innovation Diagnostic: LEADERSHIP


  • Are clear goals and outcomes provided to avoid ambiguity?
  • Are detailed procedures avoided when delegating work?
  • Is there a clear structure for managing commitments?

Advocates and Owners

  • Are managers/process owners advocates for innovative thinking throughout the organization?
  • Are managers/process owners empowered to work across relevant functions?
  • Are the managers/process owners chosen for their communication/management skills rather than their technical skills?
  • Do managers/process owners facilitate rather than dictate?

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24/7 Innovation Diagnostic: CULTURE


  • Is an exciting context created for employees?
  • Are people made aware of the big picture?
  • When selling new ideas internally, is “why” addressed before “what” and “how?”
  • Is a powerful “burning platform” created to stimulate interest?
  • Do people understand how their work fits in with the overall effort?
  • Are personal passions aligned with organizational objectives?


  • Does the organization develop teams with diverse skills and analytical styles?
  • Does

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