Multi-Channel Marketing Questions

In order to serve this channel-savvy, highly mobile, multidevice-happy consumer, chief marketing officers (CMOs) have their work cut out for them. These CMOs need to have an accurate understanding of consumers-their intentions, impressions of products and services and their behavior; to pinpoint exactly which marketing channels-online or offline-are yielding maximum MROI.

For example, knowing the impact of paid search engine marketing (SEM), online display media, natural search marketing based on search engine optimization (SEO) or affiliate partners, on both online and offline customer behavior. Or understanding how email, mobile-optimized websites, online video ads, social media, mobile display ads and the like, work together with offline media. For that, CMOs must have accurate answers to questions such as

  • How did a particular sale happen?
  • Who should get the credit for it?
  • How much credit should be attributed to each consumer interaction across channels, and on what basis?
  • How should the investment be apportioned across channels?

Source: Multichannel Attribution: Measuring Marketing ROI in the Digital Era | Accenture

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