Assessing the Board’s IT Governance Practices

  • Is IT a regular item on the board’s agenda and, if so, is it addressed in a structured manner?
  • Does the board articulate and communicate the business objectives for IT alignment?
  • Does the board review, and possibly approve, the IT strategy?
  • Does the board have a clear view on the total IT investment portfolio from a risk and return perspective? Does the board receive regular progress reports

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Questions to ask about business critical service IT assets

For every asset that supports business critical service, Visible Ops recommends the following questions be answered:

  • What does it do?
  • What is the hardware platform?
  • What is the operating system platform?
  • What applications are installed?
  • Who is responsible for this asset´s uptime?
  • What service(s) does it support?
  • Who is authorized to make changes?
  • What does this box do for the business?
  • What will happen when this box stops working completely?
  • What will happen when the

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IT Infrastructure Questions

Still stuck with bad processes and high-maintenance legacy systems? Here are five questions that will help you determine and sort your priorities.

  • Is your company’s infrastructure helping or hindering your company’s …
    M&A options and plans?
    New-product and speed-to-market strategies?
    Efforts to implement new technologies that deliver a more unified, holistic view of your customers?
    Depending on your company’s business strategy in the coming years, a response

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