Investing in M-Business: Nine Strategic Questions

  • Have the firm’s competitors invested in m-business technology? If so, where and how?
  • Have companies in complementary industries invested in m-business technology? If so, where and how?
  • How large or significant are m-business opportunities and threats in the firm’s arena?
  • To what extent does mobile technology support or threaten the firm’s existing business model?
  • What degree of business transformation is required to implement a wireless solution within the firm?
  • What should be the strategic thrust in mobile technology for the given opportunity or threat (operational efficiency, range and reach, or new business model)?
  • Who is the primary audience for each wireless application (partners, employees, or customers)?
  • Will the investments in m-business solutions (people, processes, and technology) pay off in a reasonable time frame?
  • Are there profitable opportunities to forge cross-industry alliances to create new value for customers?

Rational Exuberance: The Wireless Industry’s Killer “B”
by Venkatesh Shankar
strategy+business, Summer 2003

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