IT Governance Checklist

Questions to Ask to Uncover IT Issues

  • How often do IT projects fail to deliver what they promised?
  • Are end users satisfied with the quality of the IT service?
  • Are sufficient IT resources, infrastructure and competencies available to meet strategic objectives?
  • What has been the average overrun of IT operational budgets? How often and how much do IT projects go over budget?
  • How much of the IT effort goes to firefighting rather than enabling business improvements?

Questions to Ask to Find Out How Management Addresses the IT Issues

  • How well are enterprise and IT objectives aligned?
  • How is the value delivered by IT being measured?
  • What strategic initiatives has executive management taken to manage IT’s criticality relative to maintenance and growth of the enterprise, and are they appropriate?
  • Is the enterprise clear on its position relative to technology: pioneer, early adopter, follower or laggard? Is it clear on risk: risk-avoidance or risk-taking?
  • Is there an up-to-date inventory of IT risks relevant to the enterprise? What has been done to address these risks?

Questions to Ask to Self-assess IT Governance Practices

  • Is the board regularly briefed on IT risks to which the enterprise is exposed?
  • Is IT a regular item on the agenda of the board and is it addressed in a structured manner?
  • Does the board articulate and communicate the business objectives for IT alignment?
  • Does the board have a clear view on the major IT investments from a risk and return perspective? Does the board obtain regular progress reports on major IT projects?
  • Is the board getting independent assurance on the achievement of IT objectives and the containment of IT risks?

Board Briefing on IT Governance, 2nd Edition
by IT Governance Institute

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