IT as a Market-Driven Business

  • What is our purpose? Does our organization have a clear mission or charter, and is it being followed?
  • Who are our customers? Segmentation analysis is vital in distinguishing, for example, customers who use IT systems outside the office most of the time from customers who don’t travel at all.
  • What do different customers want and need to be more effective in their jobs? How can we best meet their needs?
  • What services and products should we, and can we, provide? In what instances do we have the competency in-house to perform the task, and when must we rely on external experts?
  • Are we satisfying our customers? Revenue is the ultimate measure of success for a for-profit business, but we needed a different set of performance measures to objectively track the value we delivered to customers based on the type and quality of service we provided.

In Search of Overhead Heroes
by George Tillmann

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