10 Proactive Questions Every Board Member Should Be Asking

  1. If you designed the agenda, what would be on it?
  2. What is the executive not telling you that you feel you need to know?
  3. How is the external world changing in ways that are not reflected in your board conversations?
  4. What don’t you know about the company that you’re most concerned about?
  5. What do you see always being discussed but never resolved?
  6. What are you not discussing that you need to talk about?
  7. Are we addressing all the stakeholders, not just the shareholders? If so, how, and what’s the order of priority?
  8. Are we adequately discussing longer-term issues, both internal and external?
  9. How well do we know and trust each other?
  10. How would we describe the organization’s culture? Would we all describe it the same way, and is the culture consistent across the company?
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