24/7 Innovation Diagnostic: ORGANIZATION

Collect and connect dots

  • Is knowledge and skills building encouraged?
  • Are people encouraged to explore new disciplines?
  • Do individuals collect and combine ideas?
  • Are individuals encouraged to look at work through various filters?
  • Does the organization collect, combine, disseminate, and reward best ideas?
  • Are individuals encouraged to challenge norms?
  • Is a standard process used for innovation (diverge then converge)?
  • Are centers of excellence used to build broad-based expertise?

Invest time and money

  • Are efforts adequately funded in terms of money and resources?
  • Is time allocated for innovative thinking, reflection, and planning (15% rule)?
  • Does the physical environment facilitate communication and collaboration?

Networked Organization

  • Is your organization an “alliance-based network of capabilities?”
  • Are procedural or technical standards used only where informal coordination is ineffective?
  • Is data shared across the organization?
  • Are non-critical capabilities outsourced?
  • Are performance objectives aligned across organizations?
  • Is decision making pushed to the lowest levels of organization?

Internal Markets

  • Is cross-unit cooperation encouraged through appropriate incentives?
  • Is internal competition used to keep people on their toes?
  • Are survival of the fittest/free market models applied throughout the organization?

24/7 Innovation Diagnostic
24/7 Innovation

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