24/7 Innovation Diagnostic: COMPETENCY (The Inner Innovator)


  • Are underlying assumptions/rules surfaced and challenged?
  • Is the organization prepared to break with tradition?
  • Are the root causes of problems identified and addressed?


  • Are individuals and teams encourages to apply different “filters” to the daily activities?
  • Are individuals encouraged to try new things?
  • Is “yes, and” used rather than “yeah, but”?
  • Do you “think in opposites”?
  • Do you consider “the worst ideas”?
  • Do you consider “illogical combinations”?
  • Do you and your team engage in competitor war games?


  • Are simple solutions used over sophisticated ones?
  • Is over-analysis avoided? Is a build it, try it, fix it approach used when appropriate?
  • Are overly formulaic approaches avoided?


  • Is everyone in the organization provided an appropriate challenge? Are people matched with jobs to minimize boredom or employees being overwhelmed?
  • Do you only keep employees who subscribe to the values of the organization?
  • Are jobs, roles, or tasks rotated to keep people challenged and growing?

24/7 Innovation Diagnostic
24/7 Innovation

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