24/7 Innovation Diagnostic: LEADERSHIP


  • Are clear goals and outcomes provided to avoid ambiguity?
  • Are detailed procedures avoided when delegating work?
  • Is there a clear structure for managing commitments?

Advocates and Owners

  • Are managers/process owners advocates for innovative thinking throughout the organization?
  • Are managers/process owners empowered to work across relevant functions?
  • Are the managers/process owners chosen for their communication/management skills rather than their technical skills?
  • Do managers/process owners facilitate rather than dictate?

Consistency and Trust

  • Does management demonstrate the organization’s commitment to the success of initiatives and individuals?
  • Does management follow through on ideas generated by employees?
  • Does management avoid the frequent changing of goals?

Strong Leadership

  • Do leaders demonstrate their commitment to innovation?
  • Do leaders make tough, unpopular decisions (intestinal fortitude)?
  • Are the leaders inspirational?
  • Do the leaders serve as a role model for the rest of the organization?

24/7 Innovation Diagnostic
24/7 Innovation

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