24/7 Innovation Diagnostic: CULTURE


  • Is an exciting context created for employees?
  • Are people made aware of the big picture?
  • When selling new ideas internally, is “why” addressed before “what” and “how?”
  • Is a powerful “burning platform” created to stimulate interest?
  • Do people understand how their work fits in with the overall effort?
  • Are personal passions aligned with organizational objectives?


  • Does the organization develop teams with diverse skills and analytical styles?
  • Does the organization value contention, debate, and tension?
  • Do managers acknowledge, but avoid punishing, failure?
  • Are conversations structured to accommodate different analytical styles?
  • Does the organization avoid the lowest common denominator, analysis paralysis, and “right of infinite appeal?”
  • Are new organizations created when a new culture/skill-set is needed?

Language and Behaviors

  • Are employees encouraged to stay open to new possibilities?
  • Is “inclusive” language used?
  • Are employees encouraged to contribute ideas?
  • Are employees encourages to take risks?
  • Is gossiping and politicking discouraged?
  • Is negative, pessimistic language discouraged?


  • Are efforts of individuals and teams privately acknowledged?
  • Are efforts of individuals and teams publicly acknowledged?
  • Are people shown the result of their efforts?

24/7 Innovation Diagnostic
24/7 Innovation

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