24/7 Innovation Diagnostic: PROCESSES

Flexible Processes

  • Are the 7Rs used to define innovative processes?
  • Are illogical solutions considered?
  • Are overly prescriptive processes avoided?
  • Does the organization have processes/procedures for protecting intellectual property?
  • Is technology used to enable innovation rather than prescribe procedures?

Eliminate administration

  • Are knowledge workers freed to focus on value adding activities rather than administration?
  • Is the effective use of critical resources optimized?

Focus Outside In

  • Is the organization customer focused, designing from the outside in?
  • Does the organization stand in the customers’ shoes and observe their processes in action?
  • Does the organization focus on redesigning customer processes rather than internal processes?
  • Does the organization create customer needs rather than just responding to them?
  • Are different customer segments handled differently?
  • Is the organization “easy to do business with?”

24/7 Innovation Diagnostic
24/7 Innovation

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