Organization Performance

  1. How do your customers view your organization?
  2. How do your suppliers view your organization?
  3. How do your employees view your organization?
  4. Has your organization’s strategy been articulated and communicated?
  5. Does this strategy make sense given the current and anticipated external threats and opportunities?
  6. Where are the gaps in terms of internal strengths and capabilities?
  7. Have the desired outputs of the firm and the level of performance expected been determined and communicated?
  8. Are all necessary functions in place?
  9. Are there currently functions that are unnecessary or that could or should be outsourced?
  10. Does the formal organization structure support the strategy?
  11. Where does the formal structure inhibit efficiency of executing the strategy?
  12. Have all relevant functional goals been established?
  13. Is all relevant performance measured?
  14. Are resources properly allocated?
  15. Are the interfaces between departments being managed?

Performance Improvement – A Classic Checklist
by Rick Sidorowicz
The CEO Refresher

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