15 Key Transformation Questions

Bring the Future to Life

  1. Case for Change. Have we convinced the organization that the status quo is unacceptable?
  2. Compelling Intent. Is our story of the future meaningful to our people and securing emotional buy-in at all levels?
  3. Credible Solutions. Are the proposed solutions appealing so the organization, and will they work in our culture?


Inspire Deep Commitment

  1. Aligned Top Team. Do we have the right top team? Is it cohesive and aligned around the change?
  2. Committed Sponsors. Do we have the right line leaders at all levels actively and visibly supporting the change?
  3. Influential Supporters. Are the most credible and trusted opinion leaders actively involved and visibly supporting the change?


Help Individuals Succeed

  1. Personal Commitment. Are we anticipating disruption and managing resistance? Are we communicating to build informed commitment?
  2. Critical Capabilities. Do we have plans to retain, develop and acquire the talent and expertise we need for this change?
  3. Desired Behaviors. Have we identified the critical behaviors that drive results? How do we reinforce them?


Deliver the Value

  1. Achievable Plan. Can we deliver the change on time while protecting our business´s performance from capacity overload?
  2. Decisive Governance. Do we have the right program governance to make and execute sound, timely and efficient decisions?
  3. Leading Indicators. Do we have the right information to track results, identity risks and course-correct before it´s too late?


Build to Sustain

  1. Effective Organization. Have we addressed the organizational obstacles-such as structure, culture, incentive system and so on-that might hinder the change?
  2. Enabling Technology. Do we have the right systems and technology to deliver the results on time?
  3. Continuous Improvement. Have we designed fast feedback loops to learn and improve our solutions over tine?

Source: “Choreographing a Full Potential Transformation” by Manny Maceda, Michael Garstka, Charles Ormiston | Bain & Company

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