Supply Chain Questions

The following list of questions about supply chain characteristics can be used as a beginning benchmark of how well your company is progressing with supply chain management.

  • We clearly understand the strengths and weaknesses of our current supply chain sub-processes and have developed action plans for improvement?
  • We have defined our supply chain improvement objectives and have unwavering management commitment to achieve superior performance in our industry?
  • Our Supply Chain system provides high quality, relevant and timely information flow that effectively supports decision-making for inventory replenishment, capacity activation and for synchronizing material flows at all tiers within the supply chain?
  • Supply Chain process operational responsibilities are well-defined and personnel are thoroughly trained and cross-trained?
  • Our supply chain does not operate on “push” technology rather it is based on “pull” to actual demand?
  • We have dismantled organizational silos that resulted in cross-functional barriers to high velocity information and material flows?
  • We continually pursue improving our supply chain processes by streamlining information and material flows to support short-cycle, synchronized and lower cost performance?
  • Our trading partnerships are well-formulated and grounded in strategic supply chain alliance agreements?
  • All organizations in our extended enterprise have been trained and developed to perform new roles which require fast, high quality decision-making and material flow?
  • We continually review evolving logistical business models for their impact on distribution planning, movement of goods, cost, cycle time and customer service?
  • We utilize E-commerce for selling, buying and business-to-business paperless transacting?
  • Our information technology provides a system that truly mirrors what we want to do throughout the supply chain?
  • Our supply chain has effective techniques for real-time planning, execution and control including the simulation of alternatives to support the short-cycle pull of material through the supply chain?
  • We use performance measurements that encourage and reward behavior that improves supply chain performance?
  • Our company has developed supply chain management to a core competency level?

Supply Chain Management: Plan to Succeed
by R. Michael Donovan
The CEO Refresher

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