Checklist for Technological Change

Following are some questions that may help you focus on areas that may still need to be addressed if you are planning some technological change.

  • Are there any formal and/or informal norms that the planned technological change will impact?
  • How much does your planned technological change build on the existing values and procedures used in your organization?
  • Can you identify the positions or individuals that are likely to benefit and those who are likely to lose something in this change?
  • Have you planned any type of compensation for those who are likely to lose something with the technological change?
  • Have you developed a strategy for explaining this change to your employees – how it will work, why it is being done, and how training and support will be provided?
  • Can you name the leaders who will be critical if the technological change is to be accepted, and do you have plans for involving them in the change process?
  • Have you included budget and plans for employee training and support?

Easing Fear of New Technology
by Tom Penderghast, DBA
Graziadio Business Report, Fall 1998

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