The Loyalty Acid Test

There are two ways to take this test. As an employee, you can use it to gauge the strength of your loyalty to your current employer. Customers can also complete the survey; the results provider a sense of how loyal they feel toward a particular company.

  1. My company really cares about building a relationship with me.
  2. My company values people and relationships ahead of today’s profit.
  3. My company attracts and retains outstanding personnel.
  4. My company sets the standard for excellence in its industry.
  5. My company communicates openly and honestly.
  6. My company’s personnel listen well and respond quickly to feedback.
  7. My company makes it simple for customers to do business.
  8. Customer loyalty is appropriately valued and rewarded at this company.
  9. I trust my company’s personnel to behave with fairness and integrity.
  10. I believe this company deserves my loyalty.

Satisfaction: The False Path to Employee Loyalty
by Frederick F. Reichheld
Harvard Management Update

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