Miscellaneous Customer Questions

  • How do we learn from customers what they need? 
  • How do customers see us now? 
  • Do you treat different customers differently?
  • Do you create a learning relationship with your customers?
  • Do you keep your customers?
  • Do you organize around customers?
  • How much time do you spend with customers?
  • Is that more or less time than the answer for last year?
  • Is your company able to get a 360-degree view of customers and prospects?
  • If not, are you working toward that goal aggressively and urgently?
  • Do you share customer information with your suppliers and partners?
  • Are your customers excited and delighted by what your company has done in the past year?
  • Who are the most valuable customers?
  • What revenue hit are we willing to take to protect our customer base?
  • What is the gap between what customers settle for and what they want exactly
  • What are the characteristics of the best customers?
  • What keeps your customers loyal?
  • What’s the potential for developing similarly loyal customers?
  • What are the information and service needs of established customers compared to those of prospects?
  • What prospect information, if any, needs to be saved once a relationship is established?
  • Are there changes the organization should make as the customer relationship evolves?
  • Why were products returned?
  • How many service calls did customers place and why?
  • How were service calls resolved and how long did it take?
  • Why does one set of customers respond to opportunities when another doesn’t?
  • How is the “voice” of the customer heard within our organization? Are we gathering meaningful feedback?
  • How do we measure our performance with target customers?

Partners For Innovation: The Ultimate Competitive Edge
by Katherine Catlin
CEO Exchange

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