Crisis Preparedness Questions

  • How would the key decision-makers be placed in communication with each other quickly so they could be informed and make a joint decision? What is their advance standard of how fast they would commit to making a decision? Would all of them be involved in the decisions related to financial commitments involved in decision-making? If not, who would be?
  • Who inside and outside your organization would have the most reliable information most quickly, and how would you reach them most swiftly, should the situation require speed?
  • Who outside your organization should be contacted first to be informed of the organization’s stance and action?
  • Who inside your organization would inform whom, and how, and how fast?
  • Who are your most powerful allies and critics, in general and on this kind of situation?
  • Who could counter each critic?
  • Who, outside your organization, would be most likely to comment on the crisis first (which reporters, other experts, consumer activists, government officials, and so on)?
  • What approach would each of these people take (positive, neutral, or negative) toward your company’s situation and subsequent position?
  • How knowledgeable and credible would they be? Who are your credible current and potential outside advocates in these situations?
  • How can you deepen their knowledge, support, and able advocacy of your organization, in advance of such situations?

Be the Face They Trust When the Crisis Hits
by Kare Anderson
The CEO Refresher, April 2007

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