Questions for Creating a Differentiated Offering

Is your company reaching “full potential” value for its customers? Answer yes or no to the following six questions:

  1. We make it easy for prospective customers to find us and understand our products and services.
  2. We have the capability to offer expertise, tools, and other assistance to help customers determine their criteria for a good solution and which solutions best fit their situation.
  3. We offer various approaches for customers to acquire our products and services, such as different payment options, leasing, financing, etc.
  4. We can and do help customers with logistics and other issues related to receiving our products and services.
  5. We provide flexible options for support and assistance to customers in installing, implementing and using our products and services.
  6. We have a range of options available to help customers recycle, reuse, reduce waste, upgrade, and dispose of our products at the end of a product’s useful life.

If you answered yes to all six questions, congratulations on meeting the criteria for creating a differentiated offering for your customers. You may, however, want to ask yourself whether all your salespeople are consciously applying a lifecycle strategy and are maximizing the potential for every customer.

Source: Is Your Sales Team Creating Real Differentiation? by Tom Roth |

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