10 Digital Disruption Questions for Executives

  1. How are you deploying digital technology to proactively disrupt your industry?
  2. How are you keeping track of the “ratchet effect” customers have when interacting with businesses, both online and offline? Do you know not only what’s best-in-class, but also what is best-in-any-class?
  3. How differently do your customers experience your company online versus offline?
  4. How do you assess your company’s competitive essence and how it may be shifting?
  5. How often and how closely do you assess the potential value of your data aggregates to companies outside your industry?
  6. How well do you understand governments’ policy intentions- including latent policy intent that may emerge when new technology permits new interventions?
  7. How well can you manage relationships with multiple organizations from different parts of the economy simultaneously, even if they sit outside your immediate value chain?
  8. How will your decision-making processes cope with the volume of customer data digital technology can provide? As part of this, how comfortable are your managers with granting greater levels of autonomy to frontline employees?
  9. How do you assess competitive threats from beyond your own industry?
  10. How do you maintain a strong corporate culture when growing into entirely new markets?

Source: Remaking Customer Markets: Unlocking Growth with Digital by Tim Cooper, Matthew Robinson | Accenture

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