Strategic Planning Questions

  • What’s our purpose as a company? What’s the promise of our brand?
  • What do our customers/consumers feel is the most valuable things that we can do for them? (Consider this as the basis of your brand promise.)
  • What is the unique value of our organization…the competitive differentiator in our minds and in the minds of our stakeholders?
  • Where is our competition coming from and what are their perceived advantages?
  • What’s our strategy for how to work with what we have to create our desired results?
  • What are our key 3 to 5 strategic imperatives…the things that we feel we must accomplish to create the future outcomes we want to create? (These imperatives are the building blocks of your plan.)

Source: Authentic Leadership: Reducing the Gap Between Lived and Espoused Values by Daniel D. Elash, Ph.D. / CEO Refresher

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