Are you creating an open communications culture in your organization?

Organizations as well as individuals benefit from regular self-assessment. To assess whether you have the systems and processes in place to create an open communications culture, consider these questions:

  1. Do we have a communications policy to ensure we all understand the importance, accountability and process of communications in our organization?
  2. Do the communications in our organization support our mission, vision and strategy?
  3. Is our head of communications involved in corporate strategic planning?
  4. Are our internal and external communications consistent and transparent?
  5. Do we regularly measure the effectiveness of our communications with our key stakeholders?
  6. Are our managers formally assessed and rewarded for their communications effectiveness?
  7. Do we provide skills development for our managers to help them become good communicators?

Copyright 2004, Chitra P. Reddin, Communications Solutions

How leaders can communicate to build trust
by Ralph Beslin
Ivey Business Journal, November/December 2004

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