Customer Satisfaction Measurement Framework


  • Do you know who your customers are and how many customers you have?
  • Do you listen effectively to all your customers?
  • Do you regularly make up an inventory of all the needs and expectations of your customers?
  • Are complaints replied to within two days and solved within one week?
  • Do you make recommendations to customers about the products or devices that best suit their needs?
  • Do you know what the costs are when you lose a customer?
  • Do you regularly organize meetings with customer groups to learn about their needs, wants, ideas, and complaints?


  • As a manager, do you know how many complaints are received yearly?
  • Is there commitment at top-management for customer orientation?
  • Does management set a good example with regard to customer friendly behaviour?
  • Is management at all times available to the customer?
  • Does customer satisfaction also belong to the evaluation criteria of management?
  • Does top management also personally handle complaints of customers?


  • Is customer satisfaction part of your organization’s vision?
  • Is the customer satisfaction policy continuously communicated to all employees?
  • Do you involve your customers with the execution of improvement processes in your company?
  • Do you have an up-to-date databank in which all characteristics of your customers are registered?

Products/services and processes

  • Are products delivered within the period expected by the customer?
  • Is the phone in your organization answered within three rings in more than 90 per cent of the case?
  • Did you appoint process owners for controlling processes?
  • Do supporting departments within your organization guarantee quality of the work they deliver?

Human resource management

  • Do you have an introduction program in which new employees are also educated concerning the importance of satisfied customers?
  • Are customer orientation and continuous work towards improvement criteria for promotion?
  • Do you stimulate your employees to generate ideas about increasing customer satisfaction?
  • Are the employees’ interest and the interest of the customer related?

Back to basics: 75 painful questions about your customer satisfaction
by Hubert Rampersad

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