A Culture of Entitlement

Dave Anderson, author of “No-Nonsense Leadership: Real World Strategies to Maximize Personal & Corporate Potential” (Learn to Lead Press, 2001), offers an eight-point reality check to help you determine whether entitlement is still alive and well in your organization:

  1. You base promotions and job retention on tenure, not performance.
  2. You give bonuses, whether or not people have earned them.
  3. Employees get raises regardless of performance.
  4. You dump money into incentive programs that enrich everyone rather than rewarding only the top performers.
  5. Your employee reviews and evaluations are overly positive and shy away from telling people they’re failing.
  6. You set no-brainer performance standards designed to make people feel comfortable rather than making them stretch to reach a higher level.
  7. You spend equal amounts of time, energy and resources on all employees instead of focusing on the top performers.
  8. You’d rather be well-liked and popular than confront poor performance and hold others accountable for results.

Upfront: Death of the Entitlement Culture
by Laurie Brannen
Business Finance, December 2002

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