10 Questions to Consider When Identifying Collaborative Commerce Opportunities

  1. Which value chain issues are most troublesome for your company (e.g., customer retention)?
  2. Which pain points do you have with key trade partners that hurt your revenue potential or increase your costs? Or impede your competitiveness?
  3. Which competitive capabilities do you believe your competitors are better at? How critical are these to your business?
  4. Do you have visibility of demand, inventory, and/ or product availability issues with trade partners? What have been your challenges?
  5. Are there frequent inventory shortages, frequent stock outs, high inventories, or high product costs (driven by the inherent process) that are causing tension among partners? Is this also decreasing customer satisfaction?
  6. Do you believe that all critical information required from your key trading partners is made available when needed?
  7. Are you seeking to reduce product development time and costs?
  8. Are you presently improving the multi-tasking among product design engineers both within and outside your company?
  9. Do you have a proliferation of initiatives that utilize different underlying technologies?
  10. Has the resulting proliferation of deployed technologies prevented you from scaling or supporting initiatives as fully as you would like? Has this resulted in reduced realization or benefits for the business units?

Directions in Collaborative Commerce: Managing the Extended Enterprise
by John Ferreira
Deloitte & Touche

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