10 Questions to Benchmark Your Company’s Supply Chain Capabilities

  1. Every product has a well-defined service, manufacturing and inventory deployment strategy?
  2. We have a comprehensive and effective sales and operations planning process that is management’s throttle on sales, production, inventory and lead-time?
  3. We have agreements with key vendors for short cycle deliveries and mutually agreed upon goals for continuous improvement?
  4. Will improved supply chain management performance give us the leverage to transform ourselves into market place leaders?
  5. Have we redesigned new supply chain management principles, processes and systems to help us achieve our objectives for cycle time reduction, lower inventories, improved service, reduced costs and increased market share?
  6. We have clearly defined supply chain management information and material flow processes with quantified objectives for improvement and we are aggressively pursuing superior performance?
  7. We have developed the right links with our customers and suppliers and implemented the best supply chain management processes for our company?
  8. We can exchange relevant demand and supply information online in real time?
  9. Our performance measurement and reward systems are heavily weighted toward a high velocity supply chain with a minimal and inventories and maximum service?
  10. We can quickly simulate the impact of material availability on manufacturing schedule performance and customer service using internal and external information? 

e-Supply Chain Management: Managing The Extended Enterprise
by R. Michael Donovan

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