Typical Competitive Intelligence Questions

  • What products and services do you and your rivals offer, and what are their comparative benefits?
  • What companies might launch offerings that are similar to yours?
  • How significant are the resources (marketing budget, R&D budget, spin-off, or upgrade plans) your rival plans to deploy?
  • How much does it cost you and your competitor to produce comparable products? Does one of you enjoy a cost advantage?
  • Where do you and your rival sell products, and to which target audiences?
  • How do your sales perform for different customer segments?
  • What products does your rival have in the pipeline, and how will they be marketed?
  • How is your rival’s company organized? How well are operations performing?
  • What are your rivals’ sales channels (store, mail order, web)? What is their sales mix, and will it change?
  • Is your rival considering a joint venture or strategic partnership?

How to Gather Competitive Research
by Jane Hodges

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