Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Questions

  • How can we better measure our ROI on R&D spending?
  • Do we have the infrastructure to support our global innovation and product development needs now-and three years from now?
  • Who owns product lifecycle management? Who should own PLM for the company?
  • Do we have a definition, strategy and roadmap for PLM?
  • How do our current CRM, SCM and ERP initiatives link to PLM?
  • What impact could improvements in PLM have for us?
  • What´s the total benefit of improving our time to market by 1 percent?
  • What´s the total benefit of reducing our product development costs by 1 percent?
  • What´s the impact of getting 1 percent more output from our product development resources?
  • Can we satisfy upcoming regulations with our current PLM resources and processes-and if not, what will a regulatory violation cost us?

Source: The innovation enabler goes mainstream by Kevin P. Prendeville, A. J. Gupta | Outlook Journal

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