12 Must-Have Facts to Diagnose Your Company

  1. Are your costs (and prices) declining as fast as competitors?
  2. Are your costs as low as best demonstrated practice?
  3. Are all your products and services truly making money?
  4. Is your profitability as high as your RMS justifies?
  5. How big is your market and how fast is it growing?
  6. Which capabilities create your competitive advantages?
  7. Which are your most attractive customer segments?
  8. How loyal are your customers?
  9. Where are your share of industry profits migrating?
  10. How much product and service complexity is justified by profit?
  11. Does your organization promote effective decision-making?
  12. Do you have the most streamlined processes in your industry?

Source: The four laws of breakthrough results | Mark Gottfredson, Steve Schaubert and Hernan Saenz | Results Brief 04/02/08

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