Learning Questions

  • What did I think I knew that turned out to be untrue?
  • What did I think I understood until later discovering that my understanding was incomplete?
  • What learning process do I seem to follow? Are any essential steps missing or poorly performed?
  • What cues can tell me when I need to un-learn and re-learn?
  • Do I explore special techniques to help me code and retain new material?
  • Do I make a practice of looking over my experiences reflecting on lessons learned that I can apply towards improving my performance next go-round?
  • Do I make a practice of staying alert to the emergence of new ideas in my field and in related areas?
  • Am I open to new ideas, willing to look for the strengths in them and able to defer judgment of them?
  • When I learn a new concept, do I make an effort to look for applications beyond those that were made known to me?
  • Do I practice of applying new ideas in my work?
  • Am I willing to part with a model, paradigm, or theory that I have long used successfully and come to rely on?
  • Am I aware of the limitations and weaknesses of the models, paradigms and theories whose “truth” I have come to take for granted?
  • When I sense myself feeling emotional resistance to a new idea, do I afterwards explore the idea through logic in an effort to be objective in my evaluation? 
  • Do I revert to old, outmoded learning’s at times when through a little effort I could access the new?

Learning, Un-Learning and Re-Learning
by Charles Albano, Ed.D.

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