Gallup’s A8 Customer Engagement Questions

Take a moment and imagine that you are one of your company’s customers. Fill in your company’s name in the blank and read each statement.

  1. [ _________ ] is a name I can always trust.
  2. [ _________ ] always delivers on what it promises.
  3. [ _________ ] always treats me fairly.
  4. If a problem arises, I can always count on [ _________ ] to reach a fair and satisfactory resolution.
  5. I feel proud to be a [ _________ ] customer.
  6. [ _________ ] always treats me with respect.
  7. [ _________ ] is the perfect company for people like me.
  8. I can’t imagine a world without [ _________ ].

Salespeople Who Engage Customers
by Benson Smith
Gallup Management Journal
Note: Excerpted from Discover Your Sales Strengths

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