Diagnose Your Enterprise Resilience: Eight Fundamental Questions

  1. Are the complexity of the extended enterprise and major earnings drivers across it transparent?
  2. Are interdependencies understood and interdependence risks identified?
  3. What programs are in place to ensure the viability of earnings drivers?
  4. Are these programs fully aligned with corporate strategy and objectives, and do we understand the trade-offs within these programs?
  5. Do we know what we spend on resilience?
  6. How good is our situational awareness — that is, do we have enough business intelligence, internal and external, and is it directed to the appropriate parties?
  7. Do we distill such intelligence properly and in a timely enough fashion to react to it?
  8. Who is accountable for resilience, and how do we make decisions and measure progress?

Enterprise Resilience: Managing Risk in the Networked Economy
by Randy Starr
strategy+business, Spring 2003

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