Customer Orientation Behavior Questions

  • Have you identified your customers using market research, market segmentation and customer surveys?
  • Do you differentiate offers, products and services for different customer groups?
  • Have you identified strategic objectives and critical success factors for service and sales to each of these segments?
  • Do you regularly collect information on the wishes and needs of individual customers and use this information as the basis of marketing activities?
  • When you introduce changes, is it in direct response to identified customer needs? If not, are the changes tested against user needs and preferences?
  • Do you have a precise understanding of the cost-benefit ratio for each product or service by market segment and do you use this knowledge as a basis for introducing, changing or discontinuing products or services?
  • Have you carried out a thorough analysis of your competitors’ customer services and looked for ways to be more responsive to customer needs?
  • Are all staff members trained in customer focus and aware of the central role customer orientation plays in your organization?
  • Do you treat your customers as individuals?
  • Do you fulfill your promises of quality in products, services and customer communications?

Customer Orientation: 10 Key Questions for Your Company
by Ana Reyes Pacios Lozano
Note: Adapted from “A customer orientation checklist: a model” by Ana Reyes Pacios Lozano in Library Review, 14:1 2000

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