Business Intelligence Quiz

Revenues and Profitability

  • I can identify the products, services, and channels driving my revenue and profit.
  • I can rank customers and customer locations by profitability.
  • I am automatically alerted when critical costs, such as non-billable overtime rates, fall out of control.
  • I know when my sales reps/managers are on target, and I can intervene in time to make a difference.

Customer Relationship Management

  • I can identify low-value customers and try to improve their value or design them out of my business.
  • I am able to spot customer relationship problems early by monitoring leading satisfaction indicators, such as product or service quality.

Sales and Marketing

  • I’m able to target high-value customers in order to lower my marketing risk.
  • I’m able to rank the success of product promotions to know what’s effective by product and market segment.
  • I know what’s in my sales pipeline.


  • I can identify underutilized assets.
  • I’m confident that I have the facts to make the right capital asset choices in next year’s budget.
  • My budgets are based on accurate histories and current trends, not on pie-in-the-sky figures, guesses, or sandbagged numbers.

Supply Chain

  • I can easily identify how much I’m spending with each supplier and use that information to negotiate lower costs.
  • I know which carriers are most often damaging my shipments (and on which routes) and/or delivering them late to my customers.
  • I’m able to predict product demand and trade that information for more cash and less inventory.

Strategy Management

  • My employees view individualized key performance indicators, aligning them with the corporate strategy.
  • My employees have instant access to a knowledge base of information that helps them to do their job.

Human Resources

  • I’m able to use leading indicators to preempt health and safety incidents.
  • I have the leading information required to measure and manage employee satisfaction and increase employee retention.

Source: TechRepublic

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