Value Growth Agenda Questions

As you consider building your own Value Growth Agenda, ask yourself the following questions:

Competitive position

  • Is our market value growing as fast as it could?
  • Do investors value our company fairly?
  • Are we as profitable as our toughest competitors?
  • Are we meeting our revenue and earnings growth targets?
  • Have we created barriers to entry for new entrants in our industry?
  • Can we pinpoint why customers choose us over our competitors?

Patterns and trends

  • Do we regularly track changing customer and technology trends, emerging patterns, or new regulations in the industry?
  • How is our business threatened by these changes?
  • How are new entrants redefining the traditional rules of success in our industry?
  • Is our competitive “radar screen” tracking new, digitally enabled players?
  • How are the traditional boundaries of our industry blurring?

Growth strategy development

  • Are our strategic goals and financial targets ambitious enough?
  • Do senior managers dedicate time to think about and develop new growth opportunities?
  • Do we have a clear set of initiatives to improve our current businesses?
  • Do we have an attractive set of growth ideas to develop future businesses?
  • Is our growth strategy driven by customer priorities rather than by internal core competencies?
  • Do we know which growth initiatives will create value beyond what analysts have already factored into our market value?

Growth strategy communication

  • Do employees and managers have a clear understanding of our growth strategy?
  • Are they excited and motivated by that strategy?
  • Are we clearly communicating the strategy to investors?
  • Are investors confident in our ability to grow?

Source: Setting the agenda: Finding the right drivers of value growth / Ted Moser and Hanna Moukanas / Mercer Management Journal Issue 13

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